PicoSure: The Best Way To Say Goodbye To Unwanted Tattoos

Tattoos are meant to be permanent, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never change your mind about one. If you don’t want your tattoo anymore, you don’t have to hide it with clothing or concealer. You can say goodbye to your ink with the PicoSure® laser, the first in a new generation of tattoo removal devices.

Eugene M.C. Lee, MD, understands the frustrations with regretting a tattoo that was supposed to be permanent. That’s why Dr. Lee and his team offer PicoSure® laser treatments at Refresh Rx Hawaii in Honolulu to help men and women safely and effectively get rid of tattoos.

Revolutionary laser technology

PicoSure® is the leading FDA-cleared device for tattoo removal. It targets the ink below your skin and breaks it up into small pieces. Your immune system then absorbs the ink and eliminates it from your system.

With this kind of technology, the laser delivers fast pulses of energy to break up the tattoo into tiny pieces. The faster the pulses are, the smaller the pieces will be. The advantage of breaking up a tattoo into small pieces is that they will be eliminated more effectively. With that in mind, the PicoSure® is a picosecond laser, which pulses at trillionths of a second to break up ink. This means the PicoSure® is extremely effective.

The PicoSure® laser will target the ink in your skin without heating or burning your skin. PicoSure® can permanently remove all colors of ink from all shades of skin. The short-pulse laser can even remove tattoos that you’ve tried unsuccessfully to treat before.

Convenient treatment with minimal discomfort

Your specialist at Refresh Rx Hawaii will develop a plan with you regarding the number of treatments you will need. PicoSure® sessions are short, about 10-15 minutes in length, and can they can easily fit into your busy schedule. However, the length of each session and the total number needed will vary based on the size of your tattoo.

PicoSure® is nonsurgical and does not require sedation, making preparation and recovery quick and easy. During your treatment, your specialist will use a topical anesthesia to help you feel more comfortable. Furthermore, they will test an area of your skin before starting.

You’ll also receive protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the laser pulses. You may feel some discomfort, similar to the snapping of a rubber band against your skin, but treatments are typically well-tolerated.

Immediate results and simple recovery

You’ll see a difference in your tattoo after just one treatment, and it will continue to fade as you follow through with the number of appointments your specialist recommends.

The treated area may have some redness and swelling for a few hours, but you can use an ice pack to help minimize any pain or inflamation. You should use sunscreen to protect your treated area, because it will be more susceptible to sun damage. You won’t need any downtime after your PicoSure® treatment, so you can immediately return to your daily activities.

Don’t wait any longer to say goodbye to your unwanted tattoos. Book an appointment online or over the phone with Refresh Rx Hawaii today to learn if PicoSure® is right for you.

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