What Causes Cellulite and How You Can Get Rid of It with TempSure™

If you’re bothered by lumpy, bumpy cellulite on your legs, buttocks, or arms, you’re not alone. Almost all women develop it at some point in their lives. It not only develops in older women; even teenagers can develop it. Some men have cellulite, too, but it’s much more common in women because of a different distribution of fat and muscle.

What is cellulite?

Simply stated, cellulite is masses of fat deposits that weigh down the surface of your skin, making it uneven and dimpled. When previously your skin was smooth and even, now it looks pockmarked.

What causes cellulite?

A number of factors are involved in your body’s production of cellulite.

Your Sex

Merely being a woman predisposes you to cellulite. The cells in the layer of fat under your skin are arranged vertically; in men, they’re horizontal. If your skin tissue is thin, weak, and fragile, fat cells press down against it (think gravity) and can creep into the surface layers of your skin, creating dimpling and lumps.


If you have cellulite, it’s likely that others in your family have it, too. Your ethnicity plays a part in developing cellulite; there’s a significant genetic component. White women of European descent are more likely to get cellulite than women of other ethnicities.


Your lifestyle may play a part in cellulite development. Cellulite occurs more frequently in overweight or obese individuals, and smoking may be a risk factor as well.


In addition, age usually plays a part in developing cellulite. In older women, as estrogen levels plummet, blood flow carrying oxygen to your skin tissue decreases. Without oxygen, your skin doesn’t produce collagen, the protein that gives your skin its volume so it doesn’t sag. Without collagen, the tissue under your skin is less supple, allowing fat to break through the weaker layers of skin under it. The result is cellulite.  

How can I reduce the effects of cellulite?

Only cosmetic medical treatment can rid you of most of your cellulite, but here are some tips that may help temporarily lessen its unsightly appearance.

Lessen salt intake

Salt makes your fat cells bigger, placing more pressure on your thinner skin tissue. Eat a healthy diet and eliminate unnecessary salt.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water. When you’re dehydrated, your skin gets thinner and weaker, making cellulite’s appearance more prominent.


Exercise helps you stay at a healthy weight. Excess fat contributes to cellulite.

Stimulating circulation

Using gentle massage or a brush, you can temporarily increase circulation in areas with cellulite to bring increased blood flow and oxygen to those areas.

How can I eliminate my cellulite?

Until recently, there weren’t many effective options for getting rid of cellulite. If you’re looking for a noninvasive treatment, TempSure™ may be the answer for you.

TempSure targets the pockets of fat and thin skin that create your bumpy cellulite through radiofrequency (RF) energy. This special energy source can increase your body’s production of collagen and tighten your skin at the same time.

What happens during a TempSure procedure?

While you lie comfortably on a table, Dr. Lee sweeps a wand gently over the area being treated. Radiofrequency energy penetrates deep under your skin. You’ll feel some warmth, which is normal, but because TempSure is completely noninvasive, you won’t feel any pain.

The procedure takes 30-60 minutes. You can listen to music, take a nap, or relax during the treatment. When it’s over, you can get up and resume your regular daily activities. TempSure normally takes more than one treatment. Dr. Lee advises you on the number of treatments you may need.

If you’re ready to shed your cellulite, call or book an appointment online with Dr. Lee at Refresh Rx Hawaii to see what TempSure treatments can do for you.

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